Why young teams work best for social enterprises

Why young teams work best for social enterprises

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We’ve seen it, we’ve heard it.

The daily sermons our parents give us about how our careers must ensure that we get paid well. We’ve watched our parents painfully drown themselves in their work that doesn’t seem to provide them any particular satisfaction. Except money to pay bills, ofcourse.

Ever spoke to a friend about your current job and stumbled upon the painful realisation that your current job isn’t your ‘calling’? Have you recently found yourself spearheading conversations about ‘purpose’ in life?

Are you a millennial?

No we aren’t going to talk about how your decent upbringing has made you complacent. And  we aren’t going to talk about how social media is what cocaine was back in the 80’s.

We need to talk though. We need to talk about how our life purposes are beyond us and are often about bringing a positive impact in our society. Also, why we must take action now.

What is with the youth?

By 2020, one in three Indians would be below the age of 35. This observation denotes several things- one of which is- a passion driven, energetic workforce ready to make our nation a superpower. But if you say that such a description of today’s youth is over-idealistic, you may be partially right.

You are right because you believe that we are lost in the crossroads between the ideas of ‘livelihood’ and ‘purpose’. You are right because no business can remain sustainable unless there is an attempt made to address issues that seem to plague our society.

But you are wrong if you believe you cannot do a thing about the current situation- thanks to your educational background and your career which has glued you to the seat of inaction.

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Start, gear-up, action!

If you believe that you need to get older before you can do good for the society, think again. The ‘salt’ of youth which makes us the irrational beings we are often accused to be, is what can help us make a positive impact on the society.

Do you have to be a tree-hugger in a literal sense to actually save the trees? Not necessarily, thanks to social entrepreneurship and enterprises which are much more than buzzwords. Social enterprises are those establishments which actively seek to address an issue which affects our society and at the same time be profitable.

Harder, better, faster, younger

Throughout human history, the word ‘revolution’ and ‘change’ has remained synonymous with youth. Social enterprises are often the brainchild of young entrepreneurs, engage more youth and employ more youth.

The 5 reasons why today’s youth are ideal candidates for a social enterprise are:

  1. The way we are willing to look beyond 8 hours of work and look at how we can create an impact.
  2. Flexibility , ability to multitask and also the ability to collaborate with like-minded individuals for a purpose.
  3. Passion-driven and not solely money-driven which makes the youth beings of abundant energy.
  4. Ability to leverage technology and the power of social media to make a change.
  5. Ability to take risks (calculated risks, the way Richard Branson advises us to)

Seeds have been planted

It is already ‘action’ time for many young entrepreneurs who have began planting their seeds of societal change. Crowdfunding platforms are an excellent example where the power of the collective have successfully been able to create a change in our society. Be it helping poor patients get proper medical treatment or looking at ways to reduce environmental damage. Social enterprises have already begun changing our society. Also, at the same time asking us about what we can do to make a change, rather than lament about how we are tied with our personal preoccupations.

Are you ready to take action?

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