Why Would I Need To Use Redux?

Why Would I Need To Use Redux?

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Redux is one of the best options for you if you are looking for an efficient, declarative, and flexible JavaScript library to build user interfaces. This guide on Redux will surely help you whether you are an experienced developer or just starting out as a beginner.

  • One of the best things about Redux is the predictability of outcome. There is always a single source of truth with absolutely no confusion about how to sync the present state with actions and other application components.
  • Redux is also high on the maintainability aspect as its predictable outcome and strict structure facilitates easy maintenance of the code.
  • Redux is strict about the code should be organized and this characteristic makes the code more consistent and easier for a team of developers to work with.
  • Server rendering is flawless and seamless with Redux. This proves extremely beneficial, especially for the initial render, which translates into better search engine optimization and improved user experience. All you need is to just pass the created store on the server to the client side.
  • The first basic rule of writing testable code is to create small functions that are independent and perform only one function. The code of Redux is mostly all about functions that are pure, small, and isolated.
  • Redux developer tools are a great help! Developers can easily and quickly track everything going on in the application in real time, from actions taken to state changes.
  • The Redux community makes it even more appealing to use as it is always a huge plus when you are using or learning any library or framework.

We hope that this guide on Redux was helpful to you in more than just a way by helping you get great insights on the entire process and functionalities behind this amazing JavaScript library.

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