Why Use Rec2Rec?

Why Use Rec2Rec?

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Are you an experienced recruiter currently looking for a new role? Have you considered using a Rec2Rec agency? You should! Rec2Rec agencies are often forgotten about when recruiters are looking for new roles, however they can assist greatly and land people in jobs in which they could never have otherwise gotten.

Today we are going to list just some of the reasons why people choose to use recruitment to recruitment agencies, with the intention of urging more people to follow in their footsteps! Keep on reading…

Reasons Why…

  1. Rec2rec companies, especially those that specialise in specific areas will likely have access to and knowledge of upcoming roles/promotion within their particular industries which are not advertise din any other way shape of form, with huge companies and corporations not going straight to rec2rec companies to find the most suitable candidates. All recruiters therefore must ensure that they are registered with a reputable recruitment to recruitment company even if they are not, this way they can ensure that they do not miss out on once-in-a-lifetime opportunities should they arise.
  2. Rec2rec consultants are sales people too – Able to work on behalf of their clients to sell them in the greatest way to companies, leaving clients free to spend their time on other things. Not only can they promote their candidates exceptionally well but they can also work to negotiate salaries using their expertise and market knowledge. They’re also able to advise their candidates of the best roles, whilst informing them which should be avoided.
  3. Rec2rec consultants spend a lot of time getting to know both the clients and the companies which they work for; this enables them to put people in roles that they will enjoy. Getting to know things like company culture, KPI’s, work hours and much, much more rec 2 rec consultants can fit people to the most suitable roles, whilst ensuring that candidates don’t end up going for job roles which are advertised exceptionally but not really what they are made out to be.
  4. Rec 2 rec agencies can also help clients in ensuring that their CV’s are the best that they can be, highlighting skills, expertise and more. They can also change these CV’s for each role that is applied for ensuring that the clients get the best chance possible.

These are only some of the reasons why recruiters must use rec2rec agencies. If you are a recruiter, you really have nothing to lose. Signup with a reputable and industry dominating rec2rec agency today and wait for your dream job to come to you.

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