When Do You Know You Need to Call Pest Control?

When Do You Know You Need to Call Pest Control?

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We’ve all been there. We see a little roach skittering around the kitchen floor, get out the bug spray, and think nothing of it an hour later. But when do you identify a situation to be out of your control? At what point does one stop being trigger-happy with the spray and actually call pest control?

1) There’s damage to your home and property

Have you been finding chewed upon sweaters and gnawed up furniture? What about wires that have been fraying thanks to what looks like teeth marks? Have you found any evidence of nibbled up food? This kind of property damage comes courtesy of pests like rats and other rodents. And if you don’t call rodent control right away upon seeing these signs, it could turn out to be very bad news for your house. After all, chewed upon wires can easily cause electrical shorts and fires, while termites could potentially wreak havoc upon the interior structure of your home.

If you’ve been finding evidence of pests causing property damage, call an exterminator right away, no matter how much of a DIY-er you may be. Your home could be a risk to your life and safety if it is structurally compromised. In the long run, it would be a lot more expensive for you to repair the damage caused to your home than of paying for professional rodent control services.

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2) There are any signs of rodents or wasps at all

It’s one thing to spray at cockroaches. It’s entirely a different thing to try to tackle rodents on your own. Rats and mice reproduce extremely quickly, and you might end up facing a full blown infestation if you don’t take immediate steps. Likewise, you may be out of your depth dealing with dangerous pests like wasps or bees. Call an exterminator to professionally remove these rodents and pests without anyone getting hurt.

3) You’re prone to health problems

If you struggle with respiratory problems, or are allergic or sensitive to certain chemicals, the DIY lifestyle just isn’t for you when it comes to pest control. Insecticides and repellents that are sold in most stores tend to have powerful and potentially hazardous chemicals. Individuals who could have a strong adverse reaction to such chemicals should not put themselves at risk by inhaling fumes from such sprays. Call a professional exterminator to do the job instead. You should let pest control services know about your medical concerns so they use the best possible treatment option to get rid of the creatures. Once they are done, avoid the fumes present in your house.

4) There are too many pests to ignore

If you have been encountering more pests than you normally did, you are probably experiencing a full blown infestation. A larger amount of sighting indicates that these pests’ nests are full to the brim and over-flowing. You’ll also know that their growing numbers are a problem if they’ve been leaving behind droppings. Or you might have started hearing rustling and scampering sounds in the middle of the night when the house is dead quiet. When these critters start making their presence known and impossible to ignore, you know you are in for a problem. All of these signs point towards an infestation you are not equipped to handle yourself. Call an exterminator, especially if you suspect you require rodent control.

5) They keep coming back

If the infestations are recurring, you probably weren’t able to eliminate the pests completely yourself. They’ll keep coming back until you hire Pointe Pest Control.

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