Want to learn about mixology? Join a school now!

Want to learn about mixology? Join a school now!

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More often than not, people don’t realize the amount of work that goes behind serving drinks and cocktails at a bar or a party. The role of bartenders and mixologists extends beyond that. They are experienced with spirits and they know what it takes to create the consistent taste for every drink. There is a major difference between bartenders and mixologists. Mixologists are experts in the art of making cocktails and other drinks and may work as bartenders, but all bartenders are mixologists. Here are some of the other things you need to know!

What can you learn in professional bartender and mixology training?

Every course is different, and so are the skills that are included in each. As such, if you attend a workshop for summer cocktails, the focus will be on that only. There are also extensive courses available for those who want to get emploi Bar à Montréal. Typically, you will learn a bunch of different skills bartender and mixology training. This includes bar setup, understanding the basics of drinks and cocktails, knowing spirits, wine and beer better, ways to serve customers, history of spirits, and simple tips for hosting guests. Also, you will get the necessary training that’s required to get jobs in reputed bars.

Is professional training important?

Yes, bartender and mixology training involve understanding plenty of things about spirits, and while you can check a lot of information on Google, it is never enough. This is one of the few fields, where hands-on training is important. For example, what does it take to chill a glass perfectly before a cocktail is served? Or, how much should you shake a type of signature cocktail? These are some of the smaller things that you get to learn, and the best part is the whole process of training, which involves direct interactions with industry professionals. You will get to talk to bartenders and mixologists and find more about their experience and how to avoid some of the common mistakes in such jobs.

Consider getting trained in bartender and mixology, even if you don’t want to take a job. This is one of the fun skills that you can play around with, and next time you have a party at home, you don’t need to hire someone else. Most schools do have flexible schedules for interested people, you can always make time for your training over the weekends or in the evening.

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