Some facts related to the Freemasonry fraternity

Some facts related to the Freemasonry fraternity

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Freemasonry is a fraternal organization. Members of this organization are known as Freemasons. The basic organizational unit of Freemasonry is a lodge, which is guided and controlled by a Grand Lodge. There is no any international lodge governing the entire Grand Lodge all the Grand Lodges is independent units.

Modern Freemasonry generally consists of two recognized groups, Regular Freemasonry, they believe and follow all the rules and regulations, and Continental Freemasonry and they have removed some or all of the restrictions. There are many myths and theories about Freemasonry on the internet. It can be challenging to distinguish between the facts and rumors.

There are some little-known facts about Freemasonry:

  • The Freemasonry is not a secret society, you can tell people freely about being a member of this society, and all you need to remember is that you can’t reveal their secrets.
  • Estimation is made that there are almost six million masons in this entire world today.
  • In American lodges, discussions related to U.S. politics is banned but may be allowed in other sects.
  • In the U.S., generally, these are the regulations you need to fulfill to become a mason:
  • A person should come on his own will.
  • A person should be of good morals and good reputation.
  • He should be at least of the minimum age.
  • A person should be of sound mind and body.

The Masonic symbol is the oldest, and it represents a compass and a square, it is a universally recognized symbol for Freemasonry. But, its significance varies from each other. Usually, the square represents morality, and the compass represents the wisdom of conduct. Together they represent that when one lives in honesty and follows the right path they experience harmony and perfection in their lives.

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