Police Use of Force Training Course Connecticut

Police Use of Force Training Course Connecticut

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With the bad publicity that police departments have had in recent years for the use of excessive force, it is more important now than ever that a police use of force training course Connecticut meets the needs of today’s police departments and those they serve. With our peer-reviewed programming, we are confident that our courses will help reduce injury and limit liability.

All of our curricula have been reviewed for legal soundness by a professional legal consultant, and our programming has been reviewed by medical and tactical experts. We are confident that our courses can help improve officers’ use of force on the street and their ability to protect themselves.

When you employ our training courses for your officers, you’ll notice right away that we include fail-safe mechanisms that greatly cut down on in-service training injuries. They can also completely eliminate these injuries, which can reduce the amount of back-filling you have to do. Back-filling costs money, and our training methods significantly cut down on that problem.

Your officers will love our training system. Unlike with other training courses, officers will be able to use what they learn on the street right away. We help them to use intuitive tactics that will help them in surprise attacks and to reduce injury whenever possible. We avoid boot-camp methods and hard-core drills. Officers look forward to our in-service training sessions.

We use a concept-based training that is different from technique-based training. This can cut down on your department’s exposure to poor public relations. With our anchor techniques, you can reduce violence of motion and how long each event lasts. These two elements result in bad public imagery even if they were the right move to make in a particular situation. However, your department cannot afford bad PR, and we help you avoid it with our force management training courses that are different from most.

Take the boring and tiresome training courses of the past, and replace them with concept-based training that enhances your officers’ ability to protect themselves and do their jobs in such a way that it reduces bad PR for your department. We are ready to provide any police use of force training course Connecticut in our program to your department to help your officers today. Contact us with any questions, and we’ll be happy to answer them.

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