How to Keep Students Engaged in their Online Course

How to Keep Students Engaged in their Online Course

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It has been observed that the advent of eLearning and blended courses has made a great difference in the industry. Students can be done by planning or designing an online university degree that involves some of the activities like interaction with content, peers, and instructors. Course design is the kind of factor that determines the quality and type of interactivity in an online learning program.

Following are some tips that may help you make students engage and participate in e-learning activities.

  • Ask them about their goal

Every student has some certain goals, for attaining which, he gets enrolled in that online course. If the teacher gets to know about them, it helps him in developing the course material as well as delivering it. Also, the students feel a sense of control over their learning, it assists them in personalizing, and even bettering their learning. It builds a robust rapport between students and instructors as they feel a good support when the professor asks about their goals.

  • Trigger Prior Knowledge

The motivation of students is boosted when the new learning is linked to their prior learning. Also, when they see some relevance among the concepts, their existing knowledge is activated and they are encouraged to grasp the new knowledge more conveniently. And eventually, they are wholly engaged in the learning process.

  • Have Goals of Students in Mind

While designing course material of students, it is crucial to keep those asked goals of students in mind. Know that these students’ goals will help you create the strategy that may help in making the progress in their learning. And also, when students feel they are learning, they get motivated and engaged.

  • Find out the Interests of students and know what stimulates them to do more

A lot of times, the biggest challenge of tackling the uninterested students come forward the teachers. Whether they have been persuaded by their parents or organizers to that particular course without them being interested at all. They send some signal or body language hints that they are not interested in what the teachers is saying. Also, they either come up with incomplete assignments or not participate in online class discussions. In such case, you must make use of this tip to deal with such students. First off, ask them about what they do in their spare time and then, design your assignments and discussion topics accordingly to fit them in as well.

  • Ask them to share all their challenges

While there is a huge diversity of learners in a classroom, tutors must always be aware of all the challenges that students face. Since some students are fast learners while some are slow, learning curve of each student vary. If the learners find it difficult to grasp some concept or are unable to do an assignment according to your expectations, allow them to discuss and share the complications with your freely. However, some students are reserved and introvert who feel shy to discuss in the class, you may ask them individually. These might be the students who find it easier to write than speak, so you can discover their strengths and work through them.

  • Connect and Interact with them

While you are following these above mentioned tips, it helps you connect with them successfully. Make them feel your presence and support by praising their efforts. Especially the students earning master degree in uae get desperate sometimes, you should keep contacting them through online discussions. You can also show your presence by commenting on some posts or discussing some good topics in the class.  

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