Doctor of Business Administration: Online Degree

Doctor of Business Administration: Online Degree

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If you are a mid- or senior-level manager interested in taking your business career to the next level, chances are that you are at least interested in pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration degree. One of the major highlights of this particular educational path is that graduate students learn to research and explore global business trends in addition to high-level business management techniques and strategies.

If you are interested in pursuing a DBA in Business Administration online, you more than likely enjoy the convenience and flexibility that comes with an online instructional package complemented by the guided supervisor of trained instructors.

What are the Prerequisites?

The educational requisites of this doctoral academic path require students to already have a Master’s Degree in a business-related field, such as the Master of Business Administration degree.

However, there are some universities and colleges – such as California Baptist University (CBU) – that allow you to pursue a DBA in Business Administration with a Master’s degree in other types of related fields as well. In addition to these credentials, you may also need to complete qualifying classes or courses in addition to corresponding examinations.

What Course Topics are Covered?

There is a vast number of business-related topics that are covered within this educational path. Keep in mind that dissertation research along with the coursework provides students with the skills and first-class knowledge that they will need to pave a lasting and lucrative career path for themselves in this field.

Some of the courses that are covered within this degree program include: organizational management, strategy implementation, Human Resources (HR) management, business research methods, employee management laws, global marketing, corporate ethics and leadership.

As shown from the list of applicable courses and classes, the online DBA program for Business Administration focuses on business operation and management along with mastering a selection of key leadership techniques and methods.

What Career Options are Available?

When you are working towards a DBA in Business Administration online, there are several different career paths and options that will be introduced along the way. Keep in mind that a DBA is toward the top of the academic ladder, which means you will have the highest-rated level of education possible.

There is a host of career options and titles that these degree holders will be able to explore – including Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO) or even a business consultant. If you would prefer to take a career path that allows you to become an instructor, you could also use the same degree to unlock a lasting career as a Business professor.

Analyzing the Long-Term Demand

When planning your future, you more than likely want to focus on job security – finding a lucrative positon that has long-term demand potential. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a group including management analysts and business consultants could experience a 14 percent increase in their respective job markets before 2024. 

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