Airsoft Safety Information

Airsoft Safety Information

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Although BB guns are not designed to cause injury or to be dangerous, if they are not used correctly they can be very dangerous. To ensure that you and those around you can be safe and free from harm whilst using BB guns, it is imperative that you follow safety measures and precautions – Today we are going to be listing just some of the available safety tips for all, and in turn hopefully allowing people to avoid getting hurt. Keep on reading…

Airsoft Safety Tips


  • Never assume that guns are not loaded, you should be extra cautious and always treat any airsoft weapons as though they’re loaded
  • Never point your bb gun at anyone or anything unless you intend to take a shot
  • When firing at a target, before taking your shot you should ensure that the surrounding area is clear
  • Never shoot a BB gun at a target if there is someone nearby, you might miss – no matter how confident you are
  • Only place your finger on your airsoft guns trigger when you are ready to fire
  • At all time when using airsoft weapons, whether practicing or in the field, make sure that you are wearing appropriate and protective eyewear/goggles. Protective masks are also highly recommended
  • Don’t forget that BB pellets can easily ricochet – be aware of the surfaces that you are shooting, the most dangerous surfaces to fire at include; flat surfaces, hard surfaces and water
  • When firing at a target you should make sure that your target is not on an angle
  • Never let anyone under the age of 18 (14-18) shoot or use a BB gun unless they have adult supervision
  • Never carry your BB gun openly in a public place; this is because they can often look like real guns and thus cause mayhem
  • When finished with your BB gun, you should ensure that it is not loaded before finishing up, this can be done simply firing the gun in place where you are sure no harm can be caused if it is for any chance still loaded
  • Look after your gun, cleaning it and caring for it on a regular basis – Dirty and un-kept guns are far more likely to be dangerous

These are only some of the available safety tips to consider when using BB guns too! They key is to take care, and to be careful. It is highly recommended that you purchase your airsoft weapons and accessories from a reputable supplier too – One great example can be found here:

Whenever you buy a new gun, make sure that you thoroughly read all documentation and instructions which come with it, and if you have any questions do not be afraid to ask your airsoft supplier, whom will no doubt be more than happy to help and guide you with your queries.


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