A Radon Certification Course Can Help You Start a New Career

A Radon Certification Course Can Help You Start a New Career

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Homeowners need to know the radon levels in their homes to protect their health. Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs in nature. It can cause lung cancer, but you can’t see or smell it. As a radon mitigation and measurement technician, you can help people in a very real way. Our radon certification course combines our measurement and mitigation course into one that you can take at a discounted rate.

One perk of this course is that it includes a two-day mentoring session with a certified mitigator so that you get some valuable experience installing a mitigation system and performing diagnostics. This can be done when it works for you and is usually done within driving distance of where you live.

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This course includes audio instruction and interviews as well as online videos and resources. You’ll also get course manuals and online quizzes, as well as downloadable course certificates. Students pass the certification exams with a rate of 92%, and these courses are popular in helping students prepare for the certification exam and in setting themselves up for business.

You should take this course if you’re a home inspector, an indoor air quality professional, or if you work in insurance or real estate. Contractors of HVAC, remodeling, weatherization, windows and doors, flooring/carpeting, and waterproofing will also benefit from the course. If you’re interested in a new career, the course will help you do just that.

At the end of the course, you’ll be ready to take the certification exams of the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists at LaserGrade facilities around the country so that you can start your business as a radon mitigator and technician.

You’ll learn from Doug Kladder, who has been working in the measurement and mitigation of radon since 1984. He has worked as the Lead Instructor and Associate Director of the Western Regional Radon Training Center and wrote the first US EPA Radon Mitigation Standards. He also is the main author of the Protecting Your Home from Radon book. He has also contributed to several radon texts and trainings.

When you take this radon certification course, you’ll be prepared to measure and help people reduce the radon levels in their homes. This makes a direct impact on their lives, and you can know at the end of the day that you have helped them as you run your own small business.


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