3 Tips to Take Lecture Notes in an Effective Manner

3 Tips to Take Lecture Notes in an Effective Manner

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You might have the leisure to note the word-to-word dictation by the teacher in your school days, but college and university classes are quick enough to keep the students on their toes. Students tend to note the lectures delivered by educators in a short, comprehensive manner on their own accord. Quite a benefit, as the notes serves to prepare the students for their coursework projects as well as exam preparations.

Here we’re going to talk about the tips that can help you in this regard of taking notes in the class in the best manner possible.

  1. Read the topic before the lecture

Reading the lecture before entering the class, or even skimming through the content will help you understand the actual lecture even better. The idea is to accurately visualize the background of the topic, sense the sequence and dependability of the sub-topics, and get acquainted with the technical phrases and jargons.

Remember, you can try to understand the concept of gradient in pre-calculus topics beforehand, rather than watching the teacher draw a circle, parabola, etc. on the whiteboard and asking you to calculate the differentials.

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  1. Revise the notes from the previous lecture

Prior to entering the class, conduct a quick review session of the things learned in the last class. Most teachers are happy to start from where they left off. Reviewing the notes is basically a warmup to understand the new topics readily without any obstruction or struggling to keep up with the teaching pace.

  1. Practice active listening

Becoming an active listening is important, especially when we talk about thought-provoking and conceptual lectures in undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. It is advised to pay close attention and try to clearly understand what is being taught in the class. Sometimes, the concept and meaning behind a 5-minute lecture is much deeper than initially thought. The better you understand, the better you’re able to attempt the questions in the exams.

Doesn’t matter if you’re acquiring some assignment help from an academic professional, or listening to the lecture in the class, the notes taken for self-study will help you in any regard of understanding your coursework projects, exam preparations, and critical thinking ability better than anyone.

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